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Modular Email Templates

A building is only as strong as it’s foundation.

If what you are building is an email marketing program then you need to be sure that your foundation is built with some strong templates. Good email templates allow you to quickly adjust your layout using pre-tested code, insure that branding is applied consistently and free you to concentrate on what really matters: your message.

One of the best ways to design templates is using a modular system. A modular email template system consists of a wrapper containing key branding elements such as a header and footer that you would like to be standard across your entire campaign. The body of the template contains sections of code called modules that you can easily copy and paste to build out your designs. Continue reading “Modular Email Templates”


We’re Not Quite There. Yet.


There is no question that the statement “code like it’s 1999” is no longer a valid claim about the current state of email development. Though for the most part coding still must be done using Continue reading “We’re Not Quite There. Yet.”

Black Angels Poster


I love op art, so I tried that angle on my latest poster.


RIP Van Cliburn
RIP Van Cliburn

Local Music Promo Poster #6

Scratchboard and Photoshop.

Local Music Promo Poster #5

Scratchboard and Photoshop.

Local Music Promo Poster #4

Scratchboard and Photoshop.

Local Music Promo Poster #3

Scratchboard and Photoshop.


Local Music Promo Poster #2

Scratchboard and Photoshop.

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